Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Improve Throw of your voice

Hello Everyone, How are you all!!! I hope your vocal practice is going good and you all are noticing improvement in your singing. You will surely notice that. Now in this blog we will have a deeper look about what is throw in singing? What role does it play is singing? How to improve it? In earlier blogs I discussed Throw very briefly and now I think I should make you understand about throw in detail. So Throw is a very important part for the singing, Every singer should have good throw power in order to sing efficiently and to leave a great impact on the listeners or fellow artists. You may have heard the term often used like professionals saying to students that you have very nice throw, or work on your throw like that. So without wasting anymore time, Let is discuss about Throw.

Throw- It is a term that is used for the amount of voice that is coming from the vocals. I will not say vocals. Actually throw is determined by various other factors such as friction in the vocals, breathing capabilities, Singing techniques etc. A person who is having good throw actually is able to take out more voice than the people who do not possess good throw. So throw is basically how much your sound can come out from your mouth. As I said above I cannot say only vocals because even when your vocals posses good throw, it cannot allow you to throw your voice to it's peak because of other factor like lack of breathing, poor singing styles etc. So we will discuss about all the factors one by one.

Factors that are responsible for throw- 

 1) Breathing - It plays a very important role in throw. Singing is done only because of breathing as their will be no sound in vaccum and if you have ability to trap more and more air in your chest then you can sing easily, it is because when we sing we actually throw air from the mouth and vocals vibrate and sound is created, if we are not able to hold more and more breathe, amount of air will be less and we will not be able to throw the voice from the vocals. So good breathing capacity is required for good throw. 

2) Friction in Lips - When we sing, the lips plays a very important role. Lips vibrate and allow us to throw our voice out of our mouth. When we try to sing, The lips vibrate and they produce friction with themselves and with the air. So it leads to poor throw of a singer. So friction in lips also plays effective role in throw. We will surely discuss about ways to improve the throw in this post only so stay tuned for that!!! 

3) Singing Style -  It is one of the most important factor that plays role in singing. Many beginners singer sing by opening very little mouth. It is very wrong. When singing you should open your mouth wider, Many singers Also get voice scratching and cracking in vocals because of not opening the mouth properly, but it will be the topic of any other blog. For now just understand that for better throw open your mouth wider than normal.

Practice to improve your Throw-

1)  Breathing exercises- To improve your throw, practice breathing exercises. Inhale as much air as you can and try to hold it as long as you can. Do it 5-10 times (empty stomach).

2) Lip Bubble - I already told you about the lip bubble in my previous blog that is in the first blog, but now what you have to do is do it more vigorously that is vibrate your lips with more pressure and do that for 10 minutes.

3) Alankaars with wider mouth - Practice the alankaars with wider mouth. Open your mouth wider when you are doing alankaar. Do this for Aakaar as well. You can go to first lesson to know about them Basic terms of singing

In the following blogs I will be sharing some more alankaars so stay tuned for that and share it if you like my lessons. Thank You!!!!

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